The apex training process

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Case 4 Training 1. What do you think of Apex’s training process? Could it help to explain why employees “do things their way” and if so, how?

There is a weak accountability system. The person assigned to perform training is likely to very low motivation (a departing employee). With no formal. “Apex Training has been foundational for what we do. We’ve been able to put forth a process, not just a simple technique, but a whole process on how to get the product from the shelf to the customer.

“Apex Ridge worked on reliability analyses and reliability growth processes for us. They are extremely diligent and great at communicating. We have adopted their reliability growth methodologies and used them to improve the quality and responsiveness of our development process.

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Inthree friends founded Apex Systems, an IT staffing services firm, to better serve their clients, job seekers’ needs, and create a positive environment for their employees. The three founders wanted to create a company that stood out amongst the competition by leading the way toward better staffing solutions for everyone involved in the hiring process.

The apex training process
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