Role of pectic enzymes in fruit ripening process

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What Happens When Fruits Ripen?

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Degradation of pectin during ripening process was known to cause fruit tissue softening. Recent developments in molecular biology have helped in better understanding of fruit ripening mechanism due to enzymic activity.

A review about the role of pectic enzymes on the plant cell walls to bring about softening during ripening process is discussed. The pectin is broken down by pectinase and pectinesterase enzymes, (separates cells) making the fruit softer while it ripens.

Berries are one of the examples of non-climacteric fruits that ripen only from the tree (Fruits that don’t produce ethylene and CO 2 when plucked from the tree). Following, the four most significant pectic enzymes, polygalacturonase, pectin methylesterase, β-galactosidase, and pectate lyase are described in terms of the genes that encode them in tomato, their expression profiles during fruit ripening, as well as the structure.

What Happens When Fruits Ripen?

The loss of firm texture is one of the most characteristic physiological processes that occur during the ripening of fleshy fruits. It is generally accepted that the disassembly of primary cell wall and middle lamella is the main factor involved in fruit softening.

Therefore, the activity of the endogenous plant PGs works to soften and sweeten fruit during the ripening process. Similarly, phytopathogens use PGs as a means to weaken the pectin network, so that digestive enzymes can be excreted into the plant host to acquire nutrients.

The knowledge about the composition, structure and nature of the fruit substrates and enzymes during ripening provides a clear insight into the I physical, physiological and biochemical changes involved in the ripening I process.

Role of pectic enzymes in fruit ripening process
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