Plastic processing industry in india

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British Plastics Federation

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Top 10 Plastic companies in India 2018

India’s Plastics Industry is its evolved industry. It has the highest growth rate in the world and comprises of 25,+ companies, over 3 million+ people, with estimated exports of finished good to double in the next 5-years.

Profile Earthsoul ® products saves energy, helps to reduce the greenhouse effect and becomes fertile humus for the soil. We are committed to innovation and reliability as we continue to develop cutting edge ideas to serve the changing marketplace.

About Company. We are one of most Leading Manufacturers and Exporter of Plastic Processing Machinery, Plastic Recycling Machinery, Industrial Plastic Processing Machinery.

Our product line Consists of Blowing Machines, Extruding Machines, etc. pacprocess India is the leading event for the processing & packaging industry in India; 95% presence of Indian market leaders and over 80% of decision makers.

TEKNOBYTE INDIA from Delhi, India is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Durable PET Preforms, Transparent PET Bottles at reasonable price. One of the pioneering projects commissioned was the census study of the plastics industry in The project was completed with support from the DepGovt artment of Industries and Commerce, of Tamilnadu, ZDH and major raw material manufacturers in the company.

Plastic processing industry in india
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Uniquie Plastic & Processing Industries in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, India - Company Profile