Juveniles court process

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Constitutional Rights in Juvenile Cases

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(To learn about a minor's constitutional rights throughout the juvenile court process, see Nolo's article Constitutional Rights in Juvenile Cases.) Although the procedure for juvenile delinquency cases varies from state to state, the following is a rundown of a typical juvenile case. Law & Public Safety.

Guide to Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court Process. Stearns County Attorney Janelle P. Kendall. Juveniles are entitled to an attorney and may apply for an attorney to be appointed to represent them.

An admission is equivalent to a guilty plea. Upon admission, the juvenile's case goes to disposition, either immediately or in the future.

Minors in juvenile court delinquency proceedings do not have the same constitutional rights as those given to adults in regular criminal court cases.

In fact, prior to the s juveniles had few due process rights at all. But as juvenile court proceedings have become more formal, states and courts. Juvenile Delinquency: What Happens in a Juvenile Case?

(To learn about a minor's constitutional rights throughout the juvenile court process, (To learn more about trying a juvenile in adult court, read Nolo's article When Juveniles Are. This section provides only basic information about the juvenile court process. Make sure you talk to a lawyer if your child has been arrested.

Click for help finding a lawyer. If you want more information about the case against your child and the case is in juvenile court, your child’s juvenile.

Juveniles court process
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