Academic writing process and product in translation

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A Conversation with Noted Researcher, Prof. Megan Lowe: Academic Writing and the Editing Process

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Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Academic Writing Style

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The Academic Writing Process

Writing. The writing phase, of the academic writing process, is a multi part process. You'll write a draft, edit it and rewrite it, before editing and rewriting again. To begin with, write a rough draft from your notes and plan, made in the planning section.

Secondly, the length of pause at clause level or lower were on average longer in translation than in monolingual text production, whereas pauses above clause level tended to be shorter in translation. Besides the differences in pause duration, translation also affected the use of total production time.

The recursive, rather than linear, nature of the writing process helps writers produce stronger, more focused Scholarly writing is the product of thought and analysis, and the act of writing can often uncover unanticipated methods, and academic genres.

Academic writing process 1. Preparation • Analyse the task for key words – words that identify the topic or issue.

See Table 1 for some common key words used in assignment/examination questions. However, process approaches do not repudiate all interest in the product, (i.e. the final draft). The aim is to achieve the best product possible. What differentiates a process-focussed approach from a product-centred one is that the outcome of the writing, the product, is not preconceived.

Academic writing process and product in translation
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The Academic Writing Process