Academic integrity referencing and avoiding plagiarism in academic writing

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Writing in an academic context is different from writing in other situations. There are specific conventions of structure, style and content that your lecturer expects to see in your assignments.

So it can be a challenge at first. D on't be tempted to take short cuts, always approach your academic writing with honesty and integrity.

Students, researchers and staff achieve academic integrity through sound academic writing, avoiding plagiarism, and appropriate referencing and citation. Reference Academic Secretariat UCD Registry () Plagiarism Policy, Dublin: University College Dublin.

Avoiding Plagiarism - Cite Your Source

(Towson University Academic Integrity Policy, ).cfm g y Responsibility rests with students + “Referencing” is important in the English language academic genre Using Evidence in Academic Writing: Avoiding Plagiarism.

What is Academic Misconduct?

Academic Integrity - Referencing, Citation & Avoiding Plagiarism: Academic Integrity

Academic misconduct is cheating. It includes plagiarism, collusion, fabrication of results, and cheating in exams. It also includes asking someone to write assignments for you, or buying an essay from an essay writing company.

This sort of cheating is known as 'personation' and is treated very seriously by the university. A paraphrase is your own rendition of essential information and ideas expressed by someone else, now presented (by you) in a new form. one legitimate way (when accompanied by accurate citation) to use information from a source.

Avoiding Plagiarism The University of Adelaide expects students to understand their responsibility for academic honesty and to develop the knowledge and skills to avoid plagiarism. University policy on academic integrity and plagiarism.

Academic integrity referencing and avoiding plagiarism in academic writing
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How to Avoid Plagiarism: Office of the Provost - Northwestern University